Genesis Doge

Genesis Doge is a PinkSale presale project, we have a well-established technical team, we are already online on our website and have applied for an audit on SOLIDProof, this will be the No.1 Meme Coin on the platform in 2022.



Genesis Doge aren’t hype. They are special.

Since the Bible begins with God’s creation of heaven and earth, the first volume of Moses was named “Genesis”. Almost all religions try to create one or more gods to explain the birth of the world. The God in the Bible is the only true God of Israel, the Lord. He changed the original chaos of heaven and earth, rectified it, and created heaven and earth.

The Genesis doge is the beginning of the blockchain. We will change the chaos of meme market, rectify it and create the first myth with the highest increase!


Genesis Doge wants to expand and that’s why we have a roadmap and a lot of steps and ideas still to come, check out some of the released one directly in this page here.

– Website 1.0 Release ✔️

– ILO PinkSale ✔️

– Launching on Pancakeswap

– KYC & Audit with Coinscope

– 1,000 holders

– Marketing campaign

– Attract 3000 Telegram followers

– Marketplace website integration

– 2,000 holders

– Listed token on small and medium exchanges

– New partnership

– Preparing to list on major exchanges

– CMC & CGC Listing

– Logo Update on BscScan & TrustWallet

– Upgrade website

– Major partnership development


Token Introduction and Economics

TOKEN Presale

Pre sale platform: Pink
Pre sale hard and soft: 100-200BNB
Personal interval: 0.1-1.5BNB
Whether the white list is pre sold: Yes
Pre sale start end time: 13:00 (UTC) from May 5, 2022 to May 8, 2022
Opening time: end of pre-sale


50% is pre-sale
30% is the proportion of liquidity pool
10% for development
5% is the proportion of the team
5% is the proportion of operation


The taxes will be 9% for both buys and sells and they will be divided as follow:

4% will be used for Dividend Shib

3% will be used for Repurchase

2% will be used for Marketing


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